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Come in today to browse our extensive selection of memorabilia from the Appalachian region. With the volume of our collection, you're sure to find that unique piece you've been waiting for!

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Find that unique piece you've been searching for!


Valerie Dowdy

Becky Arnott

Jesse Kopp

Mary Lou Wiegand

Laura Miller

Linda Ray Russo

Dana Case

Bark Baskets

Mark Ramsey



Bill and Bette Byrd


Books by Regional Authors

Growing Up On The Clinch by Detta Davis

St. Peter's Monsters and Sawmill Boys by Neva Bryan

Patchwork: Pieces of Appalachia by Lena Cantrell McNichols

Moonshine, Money, and Misery and Luther's Mule by James Campbell 

Shadow of The Great Rock by Jimmy Surgener

Painted Mountain by Ken Henderson

Stars Scattered Like Seeds by Jeanne Shannon

The Dark & Bloody Ground by Roberta Webb

Miscellanea by Rachel Riggsby

Family Friends and War Heroes by Darrell Fleming 

Crude Awakening by Margaret Phelps

Let Me Tell You a Story by Gary D. Varner

The Starched Apron by Doris Musick 

Laughter & Levity in the Law by James C. Roberson

The Girl Who Almost Had It All by Wendy Polniak Lewkowicz

Do, Die, or Get Along, A Tale of Two Appalachian Towns by Peter Crow

An Eruption of Decadence by Dick Blizzard

Stand And Face The Morning by Helen S. Owens 

Ballads, Blues, Blessings by Betty Collins Brown and Kathy Collins Barber


Children's Books by Regional Authors

A is For Appalachia by Linda Pack

The Last American Star and Grandfather's Ship - The S.S. United States by E.B. Fletcher

Logans Lullaby by Kathy C. Barber

Melungeons Out of the Dungeon by Dr. Terry W. Mullins

The Appalachian Ghost Story, The Legend of Caty Sage, and The White Bear by Ellie Kirby


Books on CD

History of SW Virginia and John Fox Jr. and Minnie Fox CD collection compiled by Ken Dotson.


Cookbooks By Regional Authors

Grazing Along the Crooked Road

Cookin In a Coal Camp

Millennium Cook Book By Wise County Homemakers

The Ham Book

What's Cooking at Country Cabin II



Mark Ramsey                                                             Gerald Smith



Ron & Sondra McPeck


Coal Artifacts

From the collection of Garnett Gillian


Coal Jewelry

Becky Arnott                                                               Lona Roberts


Coal Ink Pens

Bruce Prater                                                               David Miller


Corn Shuck Dolls

Wing Shuck (Anne Freels)                                        Gaynell Marshall


Crochet Baby Blankets, Carriage Sets

Diana Wampler


Fabric Handiwork

(wall hangings, quilts, bookmarks, rugs, jewelry bags and more)


Debbie Pierce                                       Joyce Turner                                         Luann Vermillion                  

Anne Collins                                         Alice Craft                                               Annette Gosey

                                                              Martha Durham                                     (dog collars)


Teas and Jellies

Best Recipe Book by Just Herbs                              Woodgift Farm Jams and Jellies


Indian Art

Jeanne Rorex Bridges (Rorex Bridges Studio)


Iron Work

Donald Clifton                                                            Gerald Smith



Robyn Willmann (Harmonic Journeys)                     Kim Mullins

Robin Willmann                                                          Kaye Dotten

Valerie Mullins                                                            Samantha Reynolds

Sandra Fasse                                                              Rowan Rose

Sheila Estep                                                                Carol Moore

Buzz Coren                                                                 Barbara Moore                


Lonesome Pine Office on Youth

Life in the Coal Camps of Wise County

Music of Coal - "Mining Songs From the Appalachian Coalfields"


Music by regional artists

Aaron Williams                                                            Lee Sexton

The Blevins Family                                                      Lonesome Will Mullins

Midnight Ramblers                                                     Lisa Roberson

Twin Springs Bluegrass                                              Jeff Kennedy

Blessed Alliance w/Sheila Estep                               Duran Dutton

Appalachia Music From Home Companion           Jean Ritchie and Festival Anthology

to PBS documentary Appalachia - A History               from Home Craft Days

of Mountains and People, Bobby Fleming             Hobart Crabtree

King's Messengers                                                      Boyd Davis

Darnell Pratt                                                                Ron Swindall

Dovie Sowards                                                            Vanessa Wharton

Ken Childress and Jim Mullins                                 The Collins Family



Johnny Stanley

Bonnie Aker

Simon Henry

Judith Vermillion



Sheri Yarber

Fiona Zahnke                                                              Ed Lockett

Sandra Byrne                                                              Rita Osborne

Liz Sparks    

Tricia Cahoon                                                                Stoneware baskets from Mary Curtain


Hand Made Soap & Lotions

Sunflower Sundries                                                  Lisa Dickenson (Southern Scents)

Goat Milk Lotion from Bates Family Farm            

Painted Gourds

Sharon Hall



Alice Craft


Stained Glass

Joyce Turner                

Sheila Estep


Tree Chimes

Robin Willmann


Various Crafts from Berea College

Woven rugs, forged iron, baskets and stools



Susan Taylor Lingg


Wind Chimes

Christy Osbourne



Bill Dotten

Robert Smith

Buren Bloomer                                    Tom Ilowiecki


Frank and Sharon Hall

Allen Gardner

Bob Fogle (cross mirrors)

Sonja Kelly

Jack Turner

Allen Gardner

Doug Sheppard